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  • GA-110COCA19-4PRC (Coca-Cola)

    GA-110COCA19-4PRC (Coca-Cola)


    The G-Shock GA-110COCA19-4PRC (Coca-Cola) design was inspired and partnered by Coca-Cola and is a custom-designed G-Shock watch that features a red, glossy finish that is inspired by the world’s most popular beverage company Coca-Cola.

  • GA110DR-1A (Dee & Ricky)

    GA110DR-1A (Dee & Ricky)


    The GA110DR-1A (Dee & Ricky) is one the most sought-after watch for the Casio G-Shock family. It uses rudimentary building blocks as a starting point, the design draws on primary colors to mimic the appearance of a toy watch. Like the duo’s signature Lego®-based designs, all the details pop against the black backdrop.

  • GA-2100-1A4ER (Orange Navy)

    GA-2100-1A4ER (Orange Navy)


    The GA-2100-1A4ER (Orange Navy) is perfect for all the orange fans. This tough style but elegant G-shock offers versatility and now comes with a refined stylish look. Completely hand-painted bezel writing, and index creates this beautiful dark and blue combination.

  • GM-2100MF-5AER CasiOak Bronze Rainbow

    GM-2100MF-5AER CasiOak Bronze Rainbow


    The new GM-2100MF-5AER CasiOak Bronze Rainbow disrupts the world of watches with its new innovative design, CasiOak Bronze Rainbow. It is a beautiful optical art-inspired watch that will complement any casual outfit. The G-Shock CasiOak Bronze Rainbow has meticulously hand-painted hour markers and bezel wording to create this colorful Bronze Rainbow version.

  • G-Shock CasiOak Blue SplashCasiOak Blue Splash

    2100N-2AER CasiOak Blue Splash


    The new 2100N-2AER CasiOak Blue Splash disrupts the world of watches with its new innovative design, CasiOak Blue Splash. It is a beautiful optical art-inspired watch that will complement any casual outfit. The 2100N-2AER CasiOak Blue Splash watch has a rich display that shows the numbers and can be used to set alarms. It’s also backlit so you can see the time in low light.

  • GA2100SKE-7A (Transparent)

    GA2100SKE-7A (Transparent)


    The new GA2100SKE-7A (Transparent) is Casio’s latest watch. It’s perfect for anyone looking for something sleek, comfortable, and reliable. This watch is a great option for anyone looking for a stylish, reliable watch. The GA2100SKE-7A (Transparent) is designed to be tough and durable, and the transparent case makes it the ideal timepiece for outdoor activities.

  • GA100JK-4AJR (Nishikigoi)

    GA100JK-4AJR (Nishikigoi)


    The GA100JK-4AJR (Nishikigoi) is designed in the image of Nishikigoi, a world-renowned variety of carp that are often called “living jewels” and “swimming art pieces”. The base model for this lineup is the classic GA-100 digital-analog, combination model

  • Redmi 2 Lite Smartwatch


    The Redmi 2 Lite Smartwatch has been designed for sports lovers since it covers up to 17 disciplinaries, from running, hiking, trekking, and cycling, to swimming, while tracking your heart rate and blood oxygen level 24 hours a day and it is highly waterproof.

  • CasiOak Rainbow Jellyfish

    CasiOak Rainbow Jellyfish


    The CasiOak Rainbow Jellyfish name comes from the famous Crystal Jellyfish (Aequorea victoria) that shares the same characteristics as this custom watch. It is transparent and filled with a beautiful array of colors to create this elegant look. The octagonal bezel and the unique bracelet design resemble the iconic Royal Oak. 

  • GX-56SL-4 (Red Desert Camo)

    GX-56SL-4 (Red Desert Camo)


    Journey into the wilderness with a GX-56SL-4 (Red Desert Camo) G-Shock, this watch will be evoking the rich colors and playful textures of sandy desert lands. Its mixed-color of GX-56SL-4 (Red Desert Camo) molds precisely process blends resins of two different earthy colors for a bezel and band reminiscent of the sand and soil of the planet’s vast desert regions.

  • GA-110A-4 (Hyper Orange)

    GA-110A-4 (Hyper Orange)


    This new lineup includes GA-110A-4 (Hyper Orange), a unique color scheme in which each part is colored in various colors. Each case is finished in three dimensions by adopting a dial that is made up of small parts such as gears, in a powerful large case. This GA-110A-4 (Hyper Orange) claims the presence of a big face and a vivid color with a glossy coating.

  • GA-110HC-6A (Hyperloop)

    GA-110HC-6A (Hyperloop)


    Case: Resin Accuracy per month: ±15 sec Battery Type: CR1220 Battery Life: 2 YRS LED: Amber 1/1000-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 99:59’59.999″ Measuring modes: Elapsed time, lap time, split time, Other: Speed (0 to 1998 units/hour), Distance input (0.0-99.9) 12/24-hour format Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month Magnetic resistant Approx. battery life 2 years on CR1220 Full auto-calendar (to…

  • GA110SR-1AJF (Iridescent Rainbow)

    GA110SR-1AJF (Iridescent Rainbow)


    Immerse yourself in brilliant iridescent color, the first-ever G-SHOCK with full-surface graduated crystal finish evoking reflected sunlight. Rainbow vapor deposition reproduces the midsummer sky at dusk, changing hue moment by moment depending on the light.

    Each crystal gleams with a singular radiance, delivering one-of-a-kind timepieces, each with its own unique color pattern.

    * Actual product may differ from the color gradation pictured here.

    * Because these models feature specially treated crystal watch glass, the dial may be easier to read at certain viewing angles.

  • GA2100 (Casioak Colorful Freedom)

    GA2100 (Casioak Colorful Freedom)


    The GA2100 (Casioak Colorful Freedom) has the perfect mix of a stealthy look with a playful touch – a dash of color. This watch is for certain a conversation starter and it will brighten up any rainy day when on your wrist.

  • GA2100 (Casioak Volcanic)GA2100 (Casioak Volcanic)

    GA2100 (Casioak Volcanic)


    The beauty of the Casio GA2100 (Casioak Volcanic) Abstract splatter dials has many beautiful iterations that have been created throughout this watch design. However, nothing is as captivating as the Inferno. The customized Inferno has been inspired by something darker in life, born from the ashes and risen to the light of day. Beautifully displaying the powers of our strongest element, the fire, on its black canvas.

  • GA2100 (Casioak Rainbow Prism)

    GA2100 (Casioak Rainbow Prism)


    With its beautiful color-splattered dial paired with a gorgeous Steel Rainbow bezel and index. Meticulously hand-painted by uniquely gifted artists. Created using the highest quality color pigments, it is a truly stunning piece of wearable art. This GA2100 (Casioak Rainbow Prism) is the perfect watch for anyone.