Metal Covered

A new G-SHOCK standard-bearer in the octagonal form of the original model, but now in metal


In a modern update to the concept and design of the first-ever G-SHOCK (DW5000) and the brand’s first analog model (AW500), the GA2100 offers a slim, compact form, now in metal. With its enhanced strength and still greater beauty, we’re proud to introduce the metal-clad, octagonal GM2100.


Ever-evolving toughness:
Metal-clad shock-resistant structure

A stainless steel bezel with exceptional strength and the inner case made of damage- and deformation-resistant glass fiber-reinforced resin safeguards the module. Tiny protrusions on the inner case reduce surface contact with the bezel to cushion shocks to the module. Cutting-edge technology is applied to the original G-SHOCK concept of hollow construction to deliver a shock-resistant structure with a metal exterior.

Octagonal form exudes toughness

The bezel adopts the octagonal design motif the G-SHOCK has featured since the very first watch. Undergoing painstaking processes of forging, cutting, and polishing, the bezel is precisely crafted — from its intricately shaped face to the form of its back, which is the key to the precision fit it makes with the inner case. A round hairline finish is applied to the top surface and a mirror polish to the sides, giving the bezel a beautiful gleam.

Minimalist beauty of form:
Wafer-thin design

We achieved shock resistance with the bare minimum case thickness by adopting a metal-clad shock-resistant structure. Optimized, high-density mounting of the circuit board structure made it possible to slim the module even further. The result is an exceptionally slim design for an analog-digital combination model with a metal case and a comfortable fit on the wrist.