Get To Know More About Us

Timeless Pieces®  is a company of the Traceline Holdings group based in Miami, FL USA. We maintain a passion and a unique vision for timepieces and jewelry.

Composed of watchmaking experts and enthusiasts, Timeless Pieces pays tribute to the most beautiful pieces from the world’s greatest timepieces and jewlery and we strive to make them accessible to as many people as possible.


The corporate culture is intimately linked to the status of our house: Timeless Pieces is a family business that evolves successfully by adapting to changes in the market.

Thanks to our passion, we arouse emotions that we share with enthusiasm. Our creativity makes things happen. We want to positively surprise others over and over again.

We stand out from the crowd. We understand trends and create them. We have the courage to display our own image. We do everything we can to ensure that our standards remain incomparable.

We are tenacious in achieving our goals. We are always on the lookout to sixteen opportunities quickly and flexibly. In doing so, we always keep profitability in mind.

We respect agreements and commitments to our employees, customers and partners. We take responsibility for our results.

Respect for others means for us to have a positive attitude towards each person and to appreciate their performance and personality. We trust others and are credible. To do this, we rely on open communication.

We accept human beings as they are, without having any prejudices in relation to their gender, age or origins. To see potential inside and outside the company, we need new perspectives. We encourage constructive criticism at all levels. It makes it possible to question established things and to find new solutions.

Anxious to have customer service as impeccable as the largest companies in the world, we are at your disposal for any comments or suggestions.